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Campus Events and Transportation is under the direction of Mike Harris, Campus Events and Transportation Interim Supervisor. The department handles of wide range of critical responsibilities for Antelope Valley College. The department takes pride in offering quality service to faculty, students, staff and visitors. The planning and execution of all events, for all community and college requests, are handled by the Campus Events staff. Maintenance, scheduling and coordination of all district transportation requirements are the responsibility of the Transportation staff. The Operations staff is responsible for day custodial assignments, move support, recycling and waste management tasks.

Department Information

(661)722-6300, extension 6562

Department Responsibilities

  • Provide day custodial services and coordinate with night custodial shift.
  • Organize, schedule and coordinate all aspects of college events for on-campus and off-campus locations. Includes athletic, ASO and student outreach events as well as college seminars, meetings, job fairs, ceremonies and other college sponsored events.
  • Organize, schedule and coordinate all aspects of public events in conformance with the California Education Code Civic Center Act.
  • Support and coordinate personnel and equipment moves.
  • Select and supervise district transportation drivers.
  • Maintain and repair district vehicle fleet. Schedule and coordinate district vehicle use.
  • Coordinate District recycling and waste management program.

Department Facts

  • 116.43 tons of waste diverted in 2015-16
  • $6,200, Estimated revenue from recycling in 2015-16
  • 2106 requests for campus events planning in 2015/16
  • 352 District vehicle trips booked in 2015-16

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