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Foreign Languages: Credit for Prior Knowledge/Coursework

Non-traditional Sources of Units

Students have several avenues to receive credit towards AVC graduation and major requirements by demonstrating their knowledge of a foreign language. Please read the section entitled Sources of Nontraditional Credit in the College Catalog.

Students who took the AP Exams in a foreign language can get 16-20 units of foreign language credit, depending on the tests taken and their scores. CLEP tests can also count for 16-20 units. Courses taken in foreign countries may also count. (Transcripts must be evaluated by a foreign credentials evaluation service.)

Students who have taken foreign language courses in high school can get AVC credit through articulation or through Credit by Examination. Those who have learned a language other than English from living/studying abroad can get also receive AVC credit through Credit by Examination.

Credit by Examination

Students who feel they have the knowledge equivalent to the 101 level course or even the 102 level course can earn five (5) units for each course through Credit by Examination. The course and units are listed on the AVC transcript. It is noted that they are earned through credit by examination, so students who are transferring should make sure the transfer institution will accept credits earned by examination.

Students must take and pass the final exam for the course for which they wish to earn credit. The final exam is graded and the grade awarded is what the student earned on the final exam. Students planning to get credit by examination should check out the textbook for the course to make sure they know the material that will be covered. Textbooks for each course should be on reserve in the library. The final exam covers reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as well as cultural knowledge.


Articulation (see College Catalog) allows students to count high school coursework for college credit. These courses and the credits appear on their AVC transcript as if they had taken the course here, allowing students to enroll in the next level course. There are currently no articulation agreements between AVC and local high schools; however, the Foreign Language Department is currently working on articulation agreements for Spanish with local high schools and hopes to have some of them in place by fall 2015.