International Business
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International Business

Technology and the world’s increasing economic interdependence place business everywhere in an international context. Students with skills in international business and trade can seek employment across the globe in areas such as airlines, banking and finance, consulting, customs brokerage, education and training, entrepreneurship, freight forwarding, government and U.S. customs, hotel management, human resources, import and export administration, insurance, international sales, marketing, international law, interpretation and translation, manufacturing, purchasing, trade associations, and travel agencies.

Generally, students preparing for a career in international business need to understand the fundamentals of business principles and begin learning the language and culture of the country (or countries) that will be their primary focus. Students can earn an Associates of Arts in Business Administration at AVC and begin learning Spanish, French, German and/or Chinese.

To earn a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, students should plan on transferring to a 4-year university. Requirements are not the same at all universities, so students should decide early on the institution to which they plan to transfer and work with their counselor to put together an Education Plan that will meet the requirements of that institution as well as the general education requirements. Two California state universities (CSUs) have a B.A. program in International Business (SDSU and CSUF). Many other CSUs have a concentration in International Business in their Business Department. A few UCs offer programs such as Global Economics (UCSC) or International Studies with a focus on Economics (UCSD). Many other 4-year universities have majors or minors in international business. The AVC Transfer Center has information on many universities and their programs. Information about the international business majors and minors at CSUs and UCs is available at

Many, though not all, international business programs have a foreign language requirement. Students can meet foreign language requirements through coursework taken at AVC. Students planning on learning Spanish, French, German or Chinese who already have some knowledge of that language should consult the Foreign Language Department Chair to determine the appropriate courses. (See information on Placement.) Students who wish to pursue a language not taught at AVC will need to demonstrate their language proficiency at their transfer institution. Students should contact the transfer institution to discuss options for languages not taught at AVC.

If there is room in the plan of study, students are encouraged to pursue electives that focus on understanding the global community. Such courses could include non-western art, music, literature, dance, or history; cross-cultural literature, intercultural communication, cultural anthropology or diversity studies courses.

In addition, some BA programs recommend or even require study abroad and/or internships. Students are encouraged to gain experience by working for an international company, either here or abroad, to travel abroad and to participate in study abroad programs in order to gain international experience.