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Career Center: Appointments

Individual one-hour appointments with the Career Center Coordinator are available for those seeking guidance in choosing their major, changing their major, for exploring different occupations and career pathways, and career planning. If you are seeking help with your resume, interview skills, or job search, please visit our Job Placement Center. If you are seeking help with planning your classes or having transcripts evaluated, please visit our Counseling Center.

To request an intial appointment, sign in to your AVC account and complete and submit the form below. We will call you at the phone number provided to schedule your appointment. If you prefer, you may visit the Career Center in the OF1 Faculty Offices building between the Library and Gym to complete the intake form in person. If you have already met with the Career Center Coordinator and would like to schedule a follow-up appointment, simply give us a call at 661-722-6340, or stop by the Career Center in OF1.

We encourage you to complete a career assessment prior to your appointment so that the Career Center Coordinator may review the results with you and assist you with exploring the majors and occupations that may be the best fit for your personality, interests, skills, and values. We will provide you with directions on completing the career assessment if you indicate that you would like to take a career assessment in form below.



Last updated: February 5, 2018