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EUREKA©, the California Career Information System, provides access to all of the information you need in one place - identify your skills, research careers, search for schools, link to job openings, and learn how to be successful in your own job search! Get started by downloading the instructions for creating a EUREKA account.


Click on the "Careers" tab to start your search for detailed career and occupational information.


Click on the "Education" tab to explore college majors, short-term training programs, colleges and universities, and scholarships and financial aid information.


Complete the assessments on the "Self-Assessments" tab to discover your skills, learning style, personality, and interests and which careers may be a good fit for you.

  • Inner Heroes is a career assessment strategy, based on your assessment of your personality. The types used in Inner Heroes are: Helper, Planner, Thinker and Doer. You will learn what these types mean as you go through the Inner Heroes process.
  • True Colors is a career assessment strategy, based on your assessment of your personality. The colors used in True Colors are: Blue, Gold, Green and Orange. You will learn what these colors mean as you go through the True Colors process.
  • MicroSkills helps you learn about how your skills relate to jobs and careers and is based upon an analysis of "transferable" and "functional" skills, as opposed to "work content" skills:
    • Transferable skills are abilities closely related to talents or inherent abilities and are easily transferable across career areas. For example, the ability to persuade others is a transferable skills.
    • Functional skills are skills most of us recognize as transferable, such as reading, calculating and problem-solving. Acknowledging your competence in these skills is a necessary step in preparing for a job search.
    • Work content skills are a requirement for specific careers and are usually acquired through formal instruction and/or on-the-job training. For example, using Photoshop is a work content skill for Graphic Artists.
  • Occ-U-Sort is a tool to assist you in understanding the requirements of the U.S. labor market, and which aspects or requirements of this labor market you are personally willing to meet. Occ-U-Sort is considered a "reality check" because it is based on Labor Market Information (LMI) and asks you to decide which labor market requirements you are able and willing to meet, then eliminates occupations where you have indicated that you are unable or unwilling to meet that occupation's requirements.


Last updated: September 12, 2018