Career Center

Career Center

The purpose of the Career Center is to serve the career development needs of prospective, current, and returning students who may be struggling with choosing or changing their major, are uncertain about their career path, or would like assistance with career planning.

The goal of the Career Center is to inspire and empower individuals by facilitating an environment that fosters self-exploration and emphasizes making informed choices and taking an active role in the career planning process.

The Career Center offers the following services and resources:

For help with other career-related services, such as job search, employment or internship opportunities, resume writing, interview skills, or if you are an employer who would like to post a job/internship opening, please visit our Job Placement Center.

If you are seeking help with planning your classes or having transcripts evaluated, please visit our Counseling Center. Or, if you need information and assistance regarding planning your transfer to another college/university, visit our Transfer Center.



The Career Center mission is to serve community members and students upon entry into the college and throughout their college experience, by providing them with career assessment and resource materials to help them formulate their career and educational plans.

Last updated: September 20, 2018