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Standing Purchase Orders

A Standing (open) Purchase Order (PO) is used for a requirement that is repetitive in nature, difficult to quantify over a period of time, and is not to exceed or cross fiscal periods (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024).  Standing POs allow requesters to make repetitive purchases of miscellaneous low cost items (non-instructional supplies, instructional supplies, etc.) and contracted services (lease/rentals, maintenance contracts, etc.) throughout the current fiscal year. 

All purchases made on a Standing PO for miscellaneous low cost items or reimbursement must be approved by the requester's Department Supervisor (Director level or above).  The Department Supervisor is to review purchases and provide their approval and "OK to pay" by initialing the receipt or replying to the receipt/order confirmation email with their approval.  Requester then forwards the receipt/approval to with the PO # and "OK to Pay" once the items have been received by the District.  Please note, that this approval process is automatic for Office Depot and part of the existing process for Amazon purchases.

Standing POs cannot be used to purchase the following or any other unauthorized purchase:

  • Personal purchases
  • Gift cards and/or certificates (unless prior approval received from Purchasing)
  • Gratuities and gifts
  • Any purchase that would require approval from Facilities (such as furniture, equipment, etc. unless prior approval received and uploaded to Onbase)
  • Any purchase that would require approval from IT (unless prior approval received and uploaded to Onbase)
  • Alcoholic beverages or any substance, material, or service which violates policy, law, or regulation pertaining to the District
  • Capital equipment
  • Non-Pepsi Beverages

In order to allow proper coordination, please submit a new Banner Requisition at the beginning of each fiscal year to establish a Standing PO. The Standing PO is only valid for purchases up to the “not-to-exceed” dollar amount. Change orders will be reviewed in accordance with Board Policy, Administrative Policy and Public Contract Code requirements.

Only authorized employees will be allowed to purchase on a Standing PO and those authorized will need to have a Procurement Card/Standing Purchase Order Agreement on file with the Purchasing Department prior to use of the Standing PO.

Purchasing approves and issues all Standing POs upon receipt of a completed Requisition.

Standing PO's greater than or equal to $5,000.00 must be submitted with three quotes. The quotes should be for 3 items that the Standing PO will be used to purchase. If you will be submitting 3 or more Standing PO's for vendors of the same trade and those vendors’ prices are found to be fair and reasonable, 3 quotes may not be necessary. However, please contact the Purchasing Department to ensure we are exhibiting a fair procurement process and appropriate stewardship of District funds. If a fully executed contract exists that specifies items to be purchased through a specific vendor, additional quotes are not required and a copy of the contract is to be submitted with your REQ.

The following information is to be included on all Requisitions for a Standing PO:

  1. Person(s) authorized to use Standing PO (noted in Document Text)
  2. Not to exceed (NTE) amount(s) (noted in Document Text)
  3. Effective period (e.g. July 1 2023 - June 30, 2024) (noted in Document Text)
  4. Brief description of what is to be purchased with the standing PO (noted in Document Text)
  5. 3 quotes or justification in “Document Text” for not providing 3 quotes, for requests that meet or exceed $5,000.00 (uploaded into Onbase)
  6. Due Date should be the last day the Standing PO will be valid, but not later than the last day of the Fiscal Year, June 30 - Regardless of the noted due date, purchases on a Standing PO shall not extend past the End of Year (EOY) deadline provided by Fiscal Services


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