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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I tell if my application was received or approved?

A: Google will automatically send you a copy of your submitted response. You will then receive an email approval for the services you have been approved for within two weeks of submitting your application. If we are in the middle of a current semester, your application will be reviewed after final grades are posted. 


Q: How do I apply for another services if I have already submitted by application?

A: Please email to let us know what updates you need. 


Q: When is the Basic Needs Center office open?

A: Monday-Thursday 7:30am-6:00pm and Friday 7:30am-11:30am


Q: Does the Basic Needs Center have a phone number?

A: Yes, you can call our office at 661-722-6685


Q: What if I am not accepted into the Basic Needs program?

A: Our office will connect students with various community resources if they are no eligible for our on campus program.


Q: Where can I pick up my item(s)?

A: Food - Marauder Marketplace / Produce Distribution Basic Needs Center T-100

AVTA Bus Pass - Palmdale or Lancaster Cashier Office

Kern Bus Pass - It's digital, no pick up needed!

One time Gas Card - Basic Needs Center T-100

Family Resource Items - Basic Needs Center T-100

Laundry Cards - Basic Needs Center T-100

Technology -  IMC (Instructional Multimedia Center) Mesquite Hall, First Floor, Room 113. 


Q: Can I donate to support the Basic Needs Center?

A: Yes! We accept physical donations at our office located at T100. Financial donations can also be made through the Foundation.


Q: How do I know how many points I qualify for at the Marauder Marketplace?

A: Your points are based on your enrollment. 

12+ units = 40 points

9-11 units = 30 points

6-8 units/SOAR = 20 points


Q: What do I do if I lost my bus pass?

A: Purchase a new TAP card for $2 from the cashier. Then email the old bus pass number, new bus pass number, and your name and AVC 900 # to Our staff will submit your request for transfer to AVTA.


Do you have a question we did not answer? If so, please email our team at