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AVC Student club "Learn to Teach", supported by Teacher Accelerated Preparation Program


Are you interested in a career in teaching (elementary, middle, high school or college)?

Join the Future Educators student club!

The purpose of the "Future Educators" Club is to gather students with an interest in teaching at different levels. We want to ensure a safe and welcoming environment in our club for students who want to become a teacher/professor. Our club will offer great opportunities, as well as preparation for those interested in becoming education professionals in all fields and levels of teaching. 

If you are interested in joining, fill out this application form.

Club advisors: 

Jane Bowers (Mathematics & Statistics Instructors) jane.bowers@avc.edu

Yadira Arellano (Child & Family Education Instructor) yadira.arellano@avc.edu

Gina Peterson (Child & Family Education Instructor) gina.peterson@avc.edu