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The Learning Outcomes Committee provide specific observable characteristics developed by faculty that allow them to determine or demonstrate evidence that learning has occurred as a result of a specific course, or program. The Antelope Valley College Board of Trustees relies primarily on the Academic Senate for advice on educational program development, standards/policies regarding student preparation and success, degree and certificate requirements, and curriculum including prerequisites; thus the Committee for Student Learning Outcomes is an Academic Senate responsibility.

The Outcomes Committee will determine a campus-wide process for the uniform implementation and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes at the course, program, and department level. A faculty chair is responsible for chairing the committee and overseeing that the functions of the Outcomes Committee are met.


  • Provide support and training
  • Recommend and provide samples of effective assessment tools/instruments
  • Provide support in the analysis of data
  • Provide connections to current campus practices
  • Provide support and data in program review
  • Provide support and data to the accreditation reports
  • Learning Outcomes (SLOs and PLOs) are connected to Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
  • Act as a resource group and maintain liaison to AP&P

2021-2022 Goals

  1. Train the members of this committee for eLumen with respect to committee roles and to support the faculty. 
  2. Train faculty to use eLumen with respect to outcomes. 
  3. Define and articulate Outcomes-related processes on campus.
  4. Assist in satisfying Outcomes-related accreditation standards.
  5. Provide support to faculty in analyzing Outcomes findings, writing Outcomes Analysis, and mapping Outcomes to one another.

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Approved SLOs, PLOs for Discipline Courses