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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are Student Health Services considered insurance?

A: No, these services are provided to you for being a currently enrolled AVC student. To learn more about obtaining health insurance please visit our health insurance information webpage.  


Q: What is the process to receive in-person mental health counseling?

A: Students will email with their name, 900 #, and request for in person counseling. Student Health Services will respond with a voucher number and the intake paperwork required by our partner, Bartz-Altadonna. There will be instructions included in the email on how to submit the paperwork once completed. Student Health does not schedule the appointments. Bartz-Altadonna will call you directly to schedule your first appointment.  


Q: Will the dental voucher cover braces?

A: No, AVC will not cover the cost of braes. Our partner, ValleyWide Dental may refer you to an orthodontist where you may discuss cost and treatment options. 


Q: Does the urgent care voucher cover my physical required by an AVC program?

A: Yes, Summit Urgent Care will perform all of your needs required by your program. 


Q: Does Student Health provide birth control?

A: Our office provides condoms. For other birth control options or additional gynecological services please refer to our community resource options. 


Q: Can I see a medical professional on AVC's campus?

A: We do not currently have medical professionals on campus at this time. Our staff in Student Health can assist you in putting on a bandage, taking your temperature, taking your blood pressure, and dispensing other items the office provides. Our current staff are not medical professionals and cannot provide medical advice. They are able to help connect you with community resources where you can seek medical care.


Q: Will receiving a voucher interfere with my insurance?

A: No, AVC services are separate from your insurance plan and will not impact your insurance.


Q: How often can I receive a voucher?

A: Our vouchers have different timelines based on the standard timeframe in which someone would generally seek services.

  • Dental: Once every six months
  • Vision: Once every year
  • Urgent Care: No limit
  • In-person mental health: Bartz-Altadonna will schedule you as needed once you receive your voucher

* If there are emergent circumstances you may request an exception to these timelines. Please email to let our staff know you are requesting an emergency voucher and not one for general services.


Q: How do I use a voucher?

A: Once Student Health verifies your enrollment at AVC, our staff will email you a voucher number and specific instructions pertaining to the service(s) you have requested. 


Q: Do these services extend to my family members?

A: No, these services are for currently enrolled AVC students only. Vouchers are not transferrable. 


Q: Are there emergency services on campus?

A: Our Campus Sherriff provides emergency services. Please dial 4444 to contact them. They will have a faster response time than 911 since they are here on campus while other emergency services are off campus. 


Q: I am a professor at AVC. Can I request Health Services to present these services to my class(es)?

A: Yes! Our staff will do our best to accommodate requests for classroom presentations. If we are unable to due to staffing or scheduling we will happily provide the resources to share with your students instead. 


For any other questions please email our staff at We look forward to serving you!