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Language Arts and Academic Development: Faculty & Staff

Dr. Polly Robinson

year started at AVC



schools attended and degrees received

 B.A. Speech Communication – University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, WI

M.A. Communication Studies – Cal. State University, Northridge, CA        

Ed.D. Eisner College of Education – Cal. State University, Northridge, CA.            Focus: Community College Leadership and Policy Studies


academic interests, general teaching areas

 New media/online studies; popular culture and the intersection of user and producer of media


conference papers and presentations

Robinson, P. (2013). Teaching public speaking in a hybrid space: Transitioning from an in-class model to half in-class and half online. Paper accepted for presentation at the (2013) Ninth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society: Vancouver, BC.

Begley, P., Bialowas, A., Robinson, P., Russell, T. (2012). Technology, culture, and the ownership of ideas: Dealing with plagiarism in today’s college classroom. Discussion panel. 2012 WSCA Convention: Albuquerque, NM.

Beard, A., Camara, S., Mandel, J., Rabizadeh, H., Robinson, P., Sorrells, K. (2011). Going hybrid with the basic course: Creating communities for learning, innovation and assessment in the public speaking course. Discussion panel. 2011 WSCA Convention: Monterey, CA.

Robinson, P. (2005). Cyberfeminism and cyberactivism: Beijing, before and after. Paper presented at the 2005 California State University Women’s Studies Conference. Northridge, CA.

Robinson, P. (2005). Fan-fiction: The rebirth of a storytelling culture. Paper presentation. WSCA Convention: San Francisco, CA.

Sorrells, K., Robinson, P., Sekimoto, S., and Weiss, J. (2005). Negotiating third spaces through critical pedagogy: Insights and impediments. Discussion panel. 2005 WSCA Convention: San Francisco, CA.



Thin Ice. Tallahassee: Bella Books, 2014.

Open Water. Tallahassee: Bella Books, 2011.