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Language Arts and Academic Development: Faculty & Staff

Tina McDermott

year started at AVC



schools attended and degrees received

Los Angeles Valley College (general education)California State University,

Los Angeles (B.A. in Communication Studies)

California State University, Los Angeles (M.A. in Communication Studies)


academic interests, general teaching areas

 I studied ethnographic methods in communication research with emphases in gender, family, culture, race, and the dynamics of power in both interpersonal and societal settings. I teach public speaking, gender and communication, intercultural communication, as well as interpersonal communication.

The topics of my conference papers have been varied: muted group theory applied to secretarial work; the big meanings of small talk in everyday office life; family communication during children’s homework time; and a post-feminist reading of the stiletto heel. Currently I’m researching for a paper on the rhetoric of absence in New Orleans plantation tourist sites.

In addition to teaching, I am the faculty coordinator for accreditation, a job that pulls together my communication, research, writing, and organization skills.  It is quite a challenge, but I am honored to provide this important service to the college and work with our amazing faculty, administrators, and staff campus-wide.


campus service, teaching philosophy

 Teaching is a gift!  Besides sharing my interests and knowledge with my students, I learn so much from them.  My classes lend themselves to students sharing experiences, insights, and growth on both intellectual and personal levels.  

I travel and attend many events, especially live music. Recently I have traveled to France, Israel, Mexico, and New Orleans, learning so much about diverse people.

Communication and research skills can be applied to issues we care about. Currently I am working with school districts and the California PTA to promote better homework policies in the K-12 system to spare families of the undue stress of homework overload. Since becoming a vegetarian, I am exploring the lack of healthy food choices in marginalized communities. I want to be involved in helping overcome this form of social injustice.  Maybe we can all start a community garden here at AVC?