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Language Arts and Academic Development: Faculty & Staff

Dr. Rachel Jennings

year started at AVC

Part-time: 2001

Full-time: 2002


schools attended and degrees received

King Alfred’s College, Winchester, United Kingdom. B.A. (Hons) English and Associated Drama. 1987.

California State University, Northridge. M.A. English (specializing in creative writing).1996.

University of Warwick, United Kingdom. PhD. British Cultural Studies (specializing in travel writing). 2001.


academic interests, general teaching areas

Composition, British literature, Shakespeare, drama, travel writing, popular culture.


favorite publications

 Jennings, Rachel. "From Making Do To Making-Over: Reality TV and The Reinvention Of Britishness." Journal of Popular Culture 44.2 (2011): 274-290. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. Web. 17 Mar. 2014.

Jennings, Rachel. “Interview with Joan Fry (on her book How to Cook a Tapir).” Studies in Travel Writing. Nottingham Trent University, 2009. Web. 17 March 2014.

Jennings, Rachel. “I’ve Created a Monster: Teaching Students to Avoid the Frankenstein-Factor in Research Papers.” Inside English 32.1 (2004): 17-22. Print.

Jennings, Rachel A. “Women Writers and the Internal Combustion Engine. Passing Penelope Pitstop.” Gender, Genre & Identity in Women’s Travel Writing. Ed. Kristi Siegel. New York: Peter Lang, 2004. 97-119. Print.


favorite lecture

 Jennings, Rachel. “Your Money or Your Wife: Husbands as Highwaymen in The Beaux Stratagem.” Literary Reading Group. A Noise Within, Pasadena. 10 Apr. 2013. Lecture.


roles in community theater

 Olympe in A Flea in Her Ear, for Antelope Valley College. 2004.

Miss Hannigan in Annie Jr., for Cedar Performing Arts Academy. 2009.

Various female characters in Sherlock Holmes Radio Plays, for the Palmdale Playhouse. 2010.

Mrs. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, for It’s Only Tuesday Productions. 2011.

Miss Fozzard in Miss Fozzard Finds Her Feet, for Antelope Valley Thespians. 2012.

The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet for It’s Only Tuesday Productions. 2014.