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Sociology - SOC

Sociology is both a scientific and a humanistic discipline. It is concerned with the study of systems of social action and their interrelations. The systems of action include, in increasing order of size and complexity: single social acts, social relationships, organizations, institutions, communities and societies. Survey courses focus on basic sociological theory and analytic techniques. There are also substantive courses in marriage and the family, and social problems. The program includes a variety of courses, and utilizes a number of teaching methods, including those which emphasize student participation through group and individual activity.


Sociology - SOC

Department Chair:

Duane Rumsey

Full Time Sociology Faculty

Amy Andrada looking ahead. Dr. Amy Andrada MH 221   
Carina Giorgi smiling. Dr. Carina Giorgi MH 209 6297

Adjunct Sociology Faculty

Sean Cranley smiling in a suit and tie. Sean Cranley 2205
Siobhan Goldberg smiling, wearing glasses and a blue scarf. Siobhan Goldberg 2132
Placeholder for photo. Kimberley Howard 2432
Blake Johnson wearing a pink shirt in front of a cherry blossom tree. Blake Johnson 2424
William Lund smiling in a black button shirt. William Lund 2198
Placeholder for photo. Salvador Nuno 2411
Placeholder for photo. Marion Robinson 2165
Monica Sterling smiling. Monica Sterling 2569
Chaka Khan Theus smiling. Chaka Khan Theus 2169